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Death rate from heart disease, stroke drops off over decade

The death rate from cardiovascular disease in the United States has declined 28% since the late 1990s, but heart disease and stroke still account ...


Bret Michaels Suffers a Stroke

The rocker has returned to the hospital, where tests reveal he also has a hole in his heart


Live near a freeway? Heart disease risk may be higher

Los Angeles residents living near freeways experience a hardening of the arteries that leads to heart disease and strokes at twice the rate of those who live farther away, a study has found. The paper is the first to link automobile and truck exhaust to the progression of atherosclerosis -- or the thickening of artery walls -- in humans.


California Restaurants Can't Use Trans Fat As Of January 1

California Restaurants Can't Use Trans Fat As Of January 1

California will bar restaurants from cooking with trans fat beginning New Year's Day, becoming the first state to crack down on the substance tied to clogged arteries, strokes and coronary heart disease.

The ban is hailed by supporters as a way to protect diners who routinely have not been aware of consuming trans fat at some restaurants because they don't see the meals cooked or the ingredients used.


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