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10 Amazing Ways For Teachers & Tutors To Use Twitter In Education

Twitter like all other social media is a virtual Aladdin’s cave. It is a gateway to riches. But just like in the story, this Aladdin’s cave is also booby-trapped. Use it right and you will come away with the genie of knowledge ready to do your bidding. Use it wrong and you will be a casualty of wasted time. So, ‘rub’ it just right.


California High School Principal Orders Student to Delete Video of Teacher Stealing

A high school student in California who caught her gym teacher on video rummaging through student’s belongings, possibly stealing items, took the video to the principal in the hopes he would take action.


Video: Teachers trained to take down killers

School employees in San Antonio, Texas, are being offered free self-defense courses from a local gym.


Ex-teacher loses license over student massages

A former teacher in Florida's Broward County who was accused of soliciting massages from students has lost her license to teach in the state.


Fourth-graders who flunk reading have faces marked

A teacher is being criticized after having students use markers to draw on classmates who failed reading goals.


State strips 23 schools of API rankings for cheating

Standardized Tests

Teachers helped students correct mistakes on standardized tests, prepared them with actual test questions or left instructional posters displayed in the classroom during testing, according to school district reports.


Chicago Teachers to Consider Offer, Ending Strike

Chicago Teachers Strike

Teachers in the nation's third-largest city will pore over the details of a contract settlement Tuesday as the clock ticks down to an afternoon meeting in which they are expected to vote on ending a seven-day strike that has kept 350,000 students out of class.


Chicago teachers extend strike, mayor seeks court order

Rahm Emanuel

The confrontation between Chicago teachers and Mayor Rahm Emanuel escalated on Sunday when their union extended a strike and the mayor said he would go to court to block the walkout, risking more friction within President Barack Obama's political coalition as the November 6 election nears.

Senh: What?! I thought this done was over and done with last Friday.


Negotiators have 'framework' to end Chicago strike

The city's nearly weeklong teachers strike appeared headed toward a resolution Friday after negotiators emerged from marathon talks to say they had achieved a "framework" that could end the walkout in time for students to return to class Monday.


Chicago teachers strike reverberates nationwide, in presidential race

Chicago Teachers Strike

Teachers in Chicago went on strike for the first time in 25 years on Monday in a bitter dispute with Mayor Rahm Emanuel that is reverberating across the country as the issues at the core of the conflict — teacher evaluations tied to student test scores, a longer school day and other education policy changes — are being hotly debated from Hawaii to Maine.


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