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Does the devil in 'The Bible' look like Barack Obama?

The Devil from "The Bible"

The latest episode of the History Channel’s new series The Bible drew an uncomfortable buzz when some viewers noticed the character of Satan seemed to resemble President Barack Obama. Twitter erupted with observations Sunday evening, including one from conservative personality Glenn Beck, who previously instituted a personal ban on uttering the president’s name, but couldn’t keep himself from noting the similarity between the character and “that guy.”


Glenn Beck to leave Fox News program

Glenn Beck will end his popular and often controversial daily program on the Fox News Channel later this year, Fox News and Beck’s production company said Wednesday.


Fox News 'Contemplating Life Without' Glenn Beck: NYT

Fox News 'Contemplating Life Without' Glenn Beck: NYT

The New York Times' David Carr reports that executives at Fox News are "contemplating life without" Glenn Beck after his contract with the network expires in December.If Beck's contract were not renewed, he would leave a network whose power boosted his profile and his reach significantly over the past two years.


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