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Ron Paul’s ‘Ground Game’ Gives Him an Edge

Ron Paul’s built-in networks of loyal backers from his 2008 presidential run have given him a decisive organizational advantage this election season... It was four years ago that Ross Witt, a soft-spoken electrical engineer at John Deere, overcame his natural discomfort with knocking on hundreds of his neighbors’ doors during dinnertime as a precinct coordinator for Ron Paul’s campaign.

Senh: Giving the neglected Ron Paul more media love.


Ron Paul gains ground, further stirring Republicans

Republican presidential hopeful Ron Paul declared on Wednesday his campaign was "peaking at the right time" as polls show him closing in on the two perceived front-runners.

Senh: Ron Paul in the news again, so I have to feature it.


Paul strength may help Romney in Iowa

Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney may have some help in Iowa: Ron Paul. The Texas congressman's allies and others say that he drains support from the rising Newt Gingrich, and, if that turns out to be the case during the Jan. 3 caucuses and Paul manages to triumph here, the theory is that Romney would benefit in the long-run.


Paul says no to Trump-moderated debate

Ron Paul has a message for Donald Trump: You're fired as a GOP presidential debate moderator. The Texan says he won't take part in a Dec. 27 ...


Ron Paul declared winner of Illinois Republican straw poll

Ron Paul declared winner of Illinois Republican straw poll

Ron Paul was declared the winner on Saturday of a weeklong Republican presidential straw poll in Democratic President Barack Obama's home state of Illinois.

Senh: Here's some Ron Paul news, since he gets ignored by the media.


Ron Paul doesn't rule out third-party bid

Ron Paul doesn't rule out third-party bid

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul did not rule out a third-party bid for the White House, but said he's not inclined to do so if he doesn't win the Republican nomination. The Texas congressman, who is making his third run for the White House, made his comments Sunday on CNN's State of the Union program.

Senh: I'm sure the Republican Party wouldn't want him to do that. It'll weaken their party when they run again Barack Obama. Democrats would welcome it with open arms.


Iowa up for grabs 2 months before GOP caucuses

Iowa up for grabs 2 months before GOP caucuses

Sensing an opening, Romney is stepping up his Iowa campaign and talking about winning the state after months of taking a more low-key approach. He probably will return to Iowa in November and hold a conference call with thousands of Iowa GOP caucus-goers.


Ron Paul launches ad blitz in early voting states

GOP presidential hopeful Ron Paul is airing two new campaign ads in the early voting states, going after rivals Mitt Romney, Herman Cain and Rick Perry in a multimillion dollar blitz for the next two weeks.


GOP debate: Rick Perry again in the cross hairs in Florida debate

GOP debate: Rick Perry again in the cross hairs in Florida debate

The Republican contenders for the presidential nomination aimed their fire Thursday night at front-runner Rick Perry while several second-tier candidates tried to gain traction in the GOP field as they faced off at a debate in Orlando, Fla.


Ron Paul wins California straw poll

Texas Rep. Ron Paul won a California straw poll, the state Republican Party announced in a statement Saturday night.


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