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Pirate Bay Co-Founder Arrested

One of the masterminds behind file-sharing website The Pirate Bay was arrested last week in Cambodia, months after he was due to begin a one-year prison sentence in Sweden.


Court Orders ISP To Block Grooveshark

A group of more than 30 rightsholders have won their case targeted against Grooveshark in Denmark. A court agreed that both the streaming music service and its users infringe recording label copyrights and granted an injunction forcing an ISP to initiate a block of the service. The anti-piracy group behind the action hopes that other ISPs will now follow suit.


Associates of Megaupload boss Kim Dotcom granted bail

A New Zealand court has granted bail to two associates of the founder of online file-sharing website Megaupload, accused of being involved in a $175 million Internet piracy scheme.


MegaUpload file sharing site shut down for piracy by Feds

MegaUpload Shut Down by Feds

The Department of Justice announced Thursday that it has conducted a major action to shut down MegaUpload, a popular file-sharing site widely used for free downloads of movies and television shows.


Anti-Piracy Group Will Sue Pay Processors If They Don’t Name Site Admins

Hollywood-funded anti-piracy group BREIN says it will pursue a similar strategy to its counterparts in the United States and UK by pressuring payment processors like PayPal to stop doing business with file-sharing sites. But BREIN says the processors must go further. Either they can voluntarily hand over the names of the admins behind the site accounts, or they will go to court and sue them into submission.

Senh: "...sue them into submission." That sounds cool.


Piracy officers probe Leona leak

Piracy officers probe Leona leak

An investigation is launched after a yet-to-be released track by Leona Lewis is leaked onto the internet.


Wolverine Downloaded a Whopping 4 MILLION Times

Wolverine Downloaded a Whopping 4 MILLION Times

Whether or not such online attention hurt "Wolverine" at the boxoffice is debatable, but Fox's assertion of 4 million is about FOUR times greater than previous estimates.


Four jailed in landmark Pirate Bay case

Four men behind a Swedish file-sharing Web site used by millions to exchange movies and music have been found guilty of collaborating to violate copyright law in a landmark court verdict in Stockholm.


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