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Man Grows Penis on His Own Arm

A British man born without a penis is set to have one sculpted from his arm. Security guard Andrew Wardle, 39, beat odds of 20 million to one when he was born with fully-functioning testicles but no manhood.


Did Kate reveal baby's gender? British tabloids abuzz over 'slip'

Kate Middleton

...During a visit to Grimsby, England, on Tuesday to support the Prince’s Trust Charity, the duchess was handed a teddy bear by well-wisher Diana Burton, and reportedly replied, “Thank you. I will take that for my d…” Another woman in the crowd who observed the exchange told London's Telegraph that the duchess quickly broke off the reply without finishing the “d’’ word, starting a wave of speculation that the royal meant to say “daughter.’’


Blind author's lost pages recovered by CSI

Blind Author

A blind British writer failed to notice her pen had run out of ink while writing 26 pages of a book, but her lost words were recovered by police forensic staff.


The Lede: ‘Stealth’ Nuclear Submarine Stuck in the Mud

A British “stealth” submarine is stuck in the mud just yards off of the coast of Scotland.


Millionaire Segway owner dies in cliff fall in UK

Millionaire Segway owner dies in cliff fall in UK

The British millionaire businessman who owns the firm Segway has been found dead at the bottom of a cliff with one of the two-wheeled electric scooters near his body, police said Monday.

Senh: Tragic and ironic.


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