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Live-Blogged The Golden Globes at MWB

Leonardo Dicaprio

Yesterday, I live-blogged The Golden Globes -- for various reasons. First, it gets traffic. Second, I might as well do something useful while watching TV. Lastly, I was looking forward to seeing Ricky Gervais host the event again. Nothing against Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, but he’s my favorite.

A google search revealed that the last time I did this for this award show was


It's Not Good to be Neutral: CNN

Barack Obama

I guess you just can’t be in the middle when you’re covering news: “CNN, founded in 1980 and now owned by Time Warner Inc, has tried to hold the middle ground in its news coverage, a position that some blame for its ratings erosion, while ratings have risen for competitors Fox News and MSNBC, which blend news with opinion and political commentary.”


TV Ratings: Oscars Posterized NBA All-Stars

The Artist Picks Up Best Picture at the Oscars

Because of the shorten NBA season caused by the lockout, this is the first time the telecast of the NBA All-Star game went head-to-head with the 84th Academy Awards. I thought the basketball game would get crushed, even with Linsanity in attendance - technically, he was only in the Rising Stars Challenge which took place on Friday.

Who’s bright idea was it to go head-to-head with one of the biggest tv events of the year? Couldn’t the NBA have done it the week before or after the Oscars? Maybe TNT, which televised the game, thought it’s good counter-programming.


Rotten Tomatoes Did Not End "At The Movies"

Rotten Tomatoes Did Not End

It was announced last March that this would be the last season of "At The Movies," the iconic show started by Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel. I read a couple articles on it, and for some reason, some writers blame Rotten Tomatoes.'s Misleading & Biased Leno/Conan Ratings Coverage's Misleading & Biased Leno/Conan Ratings Coverage

As a fan of both Jay Leno and Conan O’Brien, I’ve been following news about “The Tonight Show” saga. For the record, I’m with Team Coco, but I’m not going to let that cloud my analysis. Lately, I’ve stumbled upon a series of misleading and biased articles by regarding “The Tonight Show” ratings.


Nice! You Can Now Stream Netflix Movies Thru the Wii

Nice! You Can Now Stream Netflix Movies Thru the Wii

I just received a nice surprise in my email today. It's an email from Netflix telling me that it's now possible for me to stream movies through my Nintendo Wii console. They're sending me a CD this Friday that would allow me to do that.


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