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Tsunami detected after quake strikes near Solomon Islands

A 1-meter tsunami was confirmed by instruments near the Solomon Islands after an 8.0-magnitude quake, said a Pacific Tsunami Warning Center geophysicist.

Senh: A three foot tsunami doesn't sound that scary.


First tsunami waves in Hawaii are small

An official says the first waves are usually not the biggest, and it could be as long as seven hours before the warning is canceled. The tsunami was generated by a 7.7 quake off Canada.


Thousands return home after Philippines quake, tsunami warning lifted

Philippines Earthquake

Tens of thousands of people on a central Philippine island returned home on Saturday after a tsunami alert was lifted following a 7.6 magnitude undersea quake, as local authorities began work to repair damages to public infrastructure.


Philippines: 7.6 Magnitude Undersea Earthquake Strikes, 1 Dead

A 7.6-magnitude quake struck off the eastern coast of the Philippines late Friday, killing at least one person in a house collapse and triggering tsunami warnings in the region that sent coastal residents fleeing to high ground.


Japan OKs restart of 1st reactors since tsunami

Japan's government on Saturday approved bringing the country's first nuclear reactors back online since last year's earthquake and tsunami led to a nationwide shutdown, going against wider public opinion that is opposed to nuclear power after Fukushima....


Earthquake shakes buildings in Indonesia's capital

A strong earthquake off Indonesia's coast caused tall buildings to sway in the capital Monday afternoon, but officials said there was no threat of a tsunami. Office workers said the swaying was felt for about 10 seconds in high-rise buildings around the city of 9 million people. Even two-story residential homes shook strongly. No damage or casualties were immediately reported.


Indonesia Issues New Tsunami Alert for Aftershock

Indonesian Earthquake

Indonesia has issued a fresh tsunami warning after an aftershock with a preliminary magnitude of 8.2 shook its western coast.


One year after Japan earthquake and tsunami, search for bodies continues

Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

With a minute of silence, tolling bells and prayers, Japan will on Sunday mark the first anniversary of an earthquake and tsunami that killed thousands and set off a nuclear crisis that shattered public trust in atomic power and the nation's leaders.


Japan: 30-40 years to scrap reactors

Japanese officials unveiled a decades-long plan Wednesday to decommission the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where reactor cooling systems failed after the country's devastating earthquake and tsunami in March.


6.7 earthquake rocks Mexico City; no tsunami warning for California

Mexico Earthquake

A 6.7 earthquake rocked parts of Mexico -- including Mexico City -- on Saturday evening. But officials said they don't expect the temblor to cause any tsunami warnings along the California coast.


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