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MC Hammer launching a search engine

MC Hammer launching a search engine

You can't Google this. OK, maybe you can. But MC Hammer doesn't want you to. The venerable rapper, who helped usher hip-hop into the pop mainstream in the early '90s, has rolled out a search engine he hopes will outperform Google, Bing and other established tools.

Senh: It's interesting only because MC Hammer is involved. I doubt the site has any real potential, but if he focuses on entertainment, he might be able to carve out a niche. WireDoo is not the first search engine to show related topics to keyword searches: Bing already does it, and Ask did it before Bing. Still, when it launches, I'll check it out.


Microsoft Drops Bing’s Beta Tag, Launches Bing Maps In UK

Microsoft is shedding the beta tag for its custom Bing search engine that caters to users in the United Kingdom with a localized offering.


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