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AP source: Authorities recover pressure cooker lid

Boston Marathon Pressure Cooker Lid - AP

Authorities investigating the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon have recovered a piece of circuit board that they believe was part of one of the explosive devices, and also found the lid of a pressure cooker that apparently was catapulted onto the roof of a nearby building.


Boston never surrenders

David Gergen says people there will grieve for many days, but anyone who thinks an attack on this city will produce fear, doesn't know the bravery and spirit of this historic town.


What we know about the attack

New developments: The identity of a second victim was revealed Tuesday. Krystle Campbell, a 2001 graduate of Medford High School, died in the attack, Medford Mayor Michael McGlynn said.


12 killed in twin bomb blasts in southern India

Hyderabad Bombing

A pair of bombs exploded Thursday evening in a crowded shopping area in the southern Indian city of Hyderabad, killing at least 12 people and wounding scores of others in the worst bombing in the country in more than a year, officials said.


Man wearing ornate watch with bomb-making supplies arrested at Oakland airport

Oakland Airport

A Southern California man headed home from a business trip was arrested at Oakland airport Thursday night after federal security agents found bomb-making materials in his elaborate watch, according to a spokesman from the Alameda County Sheriff's Office.


Report: Al-Qaida doctors trained to implant bombs in humans

Western intelligence agencies believe that al-Qaida doctors have been trained to implant bombs inside the bodies of suicide bombers, Britain's Sunday Times reported.


Experts: Body scans 'inadequate' abroad

Body Scans

A foiled plot to sneak a bomb through airport checkpoints and onto a plane bound for the United States calls attention to gaps in screening measures that are supposed to detect threats airport metal detectors miss.


Al Qaeda 'body-bombs' threat is back

Body Bombs

Steps were being taken to guard against a new threat of "body bombs" planted inside passengers aboard flights heading to the United States from overseas, a government official with knowledge of the threat said Tuesday.


Letter bomb explodes at Italy tax collection office

A letter bomb exploded Friday at an office of Italy's tax collection agency, slightly wounding the organization's director.


Video: Traveler 'outraged' after hair checked for bombs

Video: Traveler 'outraged' after hair checked for bombs

Isis Brantley, who claims her hair was searched for bombs by the TSA, joins msnbc to discuss the circumstances surrounding the incident. (msnbc tv)


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