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Arrest Is Made for Letters Believed to Have Poison

Federal agents arrested a Mississippi man suspected of sending letters that showed evidence of ricin in initial testing to President Obama and a Republican senator, according to two officials.


Obama lovers are mad at him

Barack Obama - CNN

Wednesday morning, President Barack Obama became the first Democratic president ever to propose cutting Social Security. Democrats spend so much time defending the president, it is easy to forget that even the most beloved presidents make mistakes and missteps. His new budget, which proposes a new method of calculating inflation increases in Social Security payments, is a doozy.


Obama to Congress: 'Stop this middle-class tax hike'

Barack Obama is calling on Congress to extend a payroll tax cut for the remainder of the year as a deadline nears for Congress to act or see taxes go up for millions of working Americans.


Congress tries to give president line-item veto

The Republican-led House is trying Wednesday to give President Barack Obama the line-item veto, a constitutionally questionable power over the purse that has been sought by both Republican and Democratic presidents.


Obama to blast Cantor for blocking jobs bill

President Obama will blame House Republican leader Eric Cantor for blocking his jobs package when he speaks later today in Mesquite, Texas. ...


Moody's: Obama budget unlikely to be implemented

Moody's: Obama budget unlikely to be implemented

President Barack Obama's deficit reduction plan would be positive for U.S. ratings but chances of its implementation are "extremely low," Moody's Investors Service said on Monday.


Stocks Drop Sharply Amid Uncertainty

Markets declined on Friday in the wake of President Obama’s jobs speech that added to the uncertainty already weighing on global markets over the euro zone.


Obama wants joint address to Congress

Obama wants joint address to Congress

President Barack Obama requested time Wednesday to deliver an economic address to a joint session of Congress on the evening of September 7 -- a prime-time platform to unveil his long-awaited jobs proposal.


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