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Study: New bird flu jumped directly from chickens

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Chinese scientists have for the first time found strong evidence of how humans got infected with a new strain of bird flu: from chickens at a live market. In a small study of four patients who caught the new H7N9 virus, Chinese scientists compared swabs from birds at live markets in eastern China to virus samples from patients. The scientists found the virus from one patient was nearly identical to one found in a chicken. The research was published online Thursday in the journal Lancet.


AIDS Vaccine Path Suggested by Study

Aids Vaccine - WC

By tracking one patient’s immune response, scientists have tracked how a series of mutations led to an antibody that can defeat many H.I.V. strains.


Health roundup: Chronic fatigue not linked to virus

There's no link between chronic fatigue syndrome and a mouse virus known as XMRV, says a study out today that researchers say eliminates a possibility raised by a study in 2009. Researchers tested the blood of 293 people with and without the debilitating condition and found no trace of the virus.


Study linking virus and chronic fatigue retracted

A prestigious scientific journal is retracting a controversial 2009 report that linked chronic fatigue syndrome to a virus.


Pills prevent HIV in straight men and women

Pills prevent HIV in straight men and women

Two new studies found that daily pills prevented infection with the AIDS virus in heterosexual men and women in Africa, bringing new hope for someday offering a medical shield against HIV infection....


Daily Pill Greatly Lowers AIDS Risk, Study Finds

Daily Pill Greatly Lowers AIDS Risk, Study Finds

In a development that could change the battle against AIDS, researchers have found that taking a daily antiretroviral pill greatly lowers the chances of getting infected with the virus.


Common cold virus may be making kids fat

Common cold virus may be making kids fat

A common virus may be one of the causes of the obesity epidemic in American children. A study found obese kids were far more likely to have antibodies to a specific strain of adenovirus than normal weight children.

Senh: This is strange news. The cold is making our kids fat? Maybe overweight kids have weak immune systems and are getting the cold more often healthy kids.


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