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GM's September U.S. auto sales up 20 percent

GM's September U.S. auto sales up 20 percent

General Motors Co and Chrysler Group reported September U.S. auto sales gains of at least 20 percent, a sign that consumers have returned as vehicle inventories have risen after being crimped by the March earthquake in Japan.

Senh: I didn't know that the Japanese earthquake has an effect on American automakers unless parts are being manufactured there. If that's the case, it would be ironic.


GM, UAW Deal Possible Today

General Motors and the United Auto Workers union are in the "final stage" of negotiations on a new labor contract and a deal could be struck as soon as Friday.


Romney defends himself in Mich. over auto bailout

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney defended himself Thursday against questions over why he opposed a federal bailout of General Motors and Chrysler two years ago.


GM CEO says economic outlook uncertain

The U.S. economy is on increasingly unsteady footing, hurt by stubbornly high unemployment and volatile oil prices, the head of General Motors Co told reporters on Tuesday.


GM’s sales fall as deals and fleet sales slip

General Motors' U.S. sales fell 1.2 percent in May as it offered fewer deals to customers.


GM sales jump 27% on small car sales gains

General Motors' U.S. sales of cars and truck jumped 27 percent in April as the economy continued to improve and $4 a gallon gasoline pushed buyers into more efficient vehicles.


GM likely to retake No. 1 sales spot from Toyota

GM likely to retake No. 1 sales spot from Toyota

General Motors is almost certain to claim the title of world's biggest automaker this year, retaking the top spot from Toyota, which has been hurt by production problems since the Japanese earthquake and still can't escape the shadow of major safety recalls....


Pay Czar Freezes GM, AIG CEO Salaries

Taxpayers won't foot the bill for raises for the chief executives at any of the four firms—GM, Chrysler, AIG, Ally Financial—still receiving assistance under the federal bank bailout.


G.M. Sales Increased 10% in March

Analysts project that sales will increase across the industry, despite worries about rising gasoline prices and production stoppages in Japan.


GM sales jump 49%, aided by finance deals

GM sales jump 49%, aided by finance deals

General Motors on Tuesday reported that U.S. sales jumped 49 percent last month, aided by sweeter financing and lease deals that drew a response from other major automakers.


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