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Lawmakers reach agreement on $63 billion FAA bill


An agreement on a bill to provide operating authority for the Federal Aviation Administration over the next four years and to boost the agency's air traffic modernization effort was reached Tuesday by House and Senate negotiators, culminating a five-year struggle that included a partial shutdown of the agency....


Senate approves bill to end partial FAA shutdown

Senate approves bill to end partial FAA shutdown

The Senate has approved legislation ending a two-week partial shutdown of the Federal Aviation Administration, clearing the way for furloughed employees and airport construction projects to resume.


FAA shutdown to continue as Congress leaves

The government is likely to lose more than $1 billion in airline ticket taxes because lawmakers have left town for a month without resolving ...


FAA in partial shutdown; air traffic unaffected

FAA in partial shutdown; air traffic unaffected

The Federal Aviation Administration was forced into a partial shutdown Monday after Congress failed to temporarily extend its funding. The agency was ordered to furlough thousands of employees and freeze $2.5 billion in airport construction money.


FAA getting lesson on pitfalls of crossing senator

After Sen. James Inhofe landed his small plane on a closed runway at a rural South Texas airport last October and sent workers on the ground scrambling, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered him to take remedial piloting lessons.


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