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SEC clears up ‘confusion’ over social media rules

Companies can use social media such as Facebook and Twitter to unveil key information about their operations as long as they’ve told investors where to look for it, the Securities and Exchange Commission announced Tuesday.


Facebook files for IPO


Facebook has filed papers for what's expected to be the largest initial public offering ever to come out of Silicon Valley and one of the largest in U.S. history. Ending months of breathless speculation, the 8-year-old social networking company has submitted registration documents with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that set preliminary goal of $5 billion. Facebook had discussed raising as much as $10 billion. Final pricing will not be set for months, and the size of the IPO probably will increase with investor demand. The filing sets the stage for an IPO in May.


IAC/Interactive Names Chelsea Clinton To The Board

IAC/Interactive, Barry Diller's conglomerate of Internet businesses, disclosed in an SEC filing this afternoon that the company has named Chelsea Clinton, daughter of former president Bill Clinton and current Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, to the company's board of directors.


SEC Cuts Off Some Aggressive Accounting At Groupon

SEC Cuts Off Some Aggressive Accounting At Groupon

I wrote here at Forbes in May about the dangerous trend of unaudited numbers being used by companies, media, and investors to evaluate the potential of these IPOs... As long as they get their return before the gig is up, who cares what the real story is?


Online retailer Newegg files for $175 million IPO

Online retailer Newegg files for $175 million IPO

Internet retailer Newegg Inc. plans an initial public offering of stock worth up to $175 million, according to a filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission.


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