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American Airlines passengers still backed up after glitch

American Airlines Outage - NBC News

Flight cancellations and delays continued to bedevil American Airlines customers on Wednesday -- a day after a major glitch crippled the carrier's reservation system, leading to the grounding of its fleet for several hours."These computer system can get hung up waiting for data. If it never gets it, the system can get overloaded and leads to a shutdown," said Dr.


United Airlines has another large computer outage

United Airlines

United Airlines says it has fixed a computer problem that led to widespread delays for thousands of its passengers. The outage lasted for about two hours Thursday morning. The problem was that dispatchers couldn't send flight information to about half of the United's mainline flights.


United deals with flight delays after outage

United deals with flight delays after outage

United Airlines worked to resume normal flight operations after resolving a computer outage but flight departures were expected to be delayed throughout the weekend, the company said on Saturday.


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