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Verizon has third data outage in a month

Galaxy Nexus

For the third time this month, Verizon Wireless is experiencing data service outages for some users of its 3G and 4G networks in various places around the country, according to customer reports.

Senh: Looks like Verizon's not able to handle the data usage load. It's beginning to sound like AT&T.


Mobile internet use nearing 50%

Almost half of UK internet users are going online via mobile phone data connections, according to the Office of National Statistics.


AT&T Sued For Overcharging iPhone, iPad Users

AT&T Sued For Overcharging iPhone, iPad Users

An MSNBC investigative report, and related lawsuit, claims that AT&T has “systematically overstated” the data usage of iPhone and iPad customers. Lawyers for the plaintiffs, seeking class action status, hired an independent computer firm to compare the actual amount data used by iPhone and iPad customers with the amount that AT&T bills users for.


AT&T caps phone data usage with new wireless plans

AT&T caps phone data usage with new wireless plans

In time for the widely expected launch of a new iPhone model, carrier AT&T Inc. is pulling in the reins on data usage by its customers with smart phones and iPads....

Senh: I'm glad I'm not on AT&T. Although I think it's correct in assuming that 98% of the people will be able to get by with just a 2BG plan. I use my phone to update Wopular throughout the day - mostly mornings and nights. Under the $25, 2GB plan, I can view anywhere from 100-500 pages per day if each webpage averages about 100-500K. I'm using round numbers. That's plenty. Even a power user like me doesn't view that many pages per day. If you watch a lot of streaming video on YouTube, then you're screwed. 2GB would give you a max of about 2 movies, assuming each movie is about 1 hr. 30 min. I guess now you can't just hand over your phone to your kids and let them watch video. With the iPad and HD2 or Evo being advertised as multimedia devices, I don't think users would be happy with a limited data plan.


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