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President Obama Looks To Make Mitt Romney Pay In Ohio For Misleading Jeep Ad

President Obama ripped Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Friday for running a misleading TV ad implying that U.S. auto workers are going to lose their jobs because Chrysler is moving the production of Jeeps for Chinese consumers to China.


4 Pinocchios for Mitt Romney’s misleading ad on Chrysler and China


...The ad also comes on the heels of Mitt Romney’s mistaken claim in a speech last week that Chrysler was moving Jeep production to China — a statement immediately denied by the auto manufacturer. Yet the story apparently was too good for Romney to give up, because the ad repeats the claim, tweaked slightly to make it more accurate.


Romney to Obama: More jobs, less Big Bird

...Romney was greeted Tuesday by protesters dressed up like Big Bird, Elmo and other Sesame Street characters, The Des Moines Register reports. The Elmo protester shouted, "Trickle down economics does not tickle me." And the gang, identified by the newspaper as supporters of the liberal Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, sang a ditty about the economy and Wall Street to the tune of the Sesame Street theme song. It began: "Stormy days ... taking our jobs away."


The Influence Industry: Obama lead raises questions about super PAC strategy

Have conservative groups bungled their chance to help defeat Barack Obama? Fueled with tens of millions of dollars in unlimited contributions, a network of GOP super PACs and nonprofit groups began the year with heady talk of bringing down President Obama with a ceaseless barrage of attack ads.


Obama the cage fighter and Romney the delicate puncher

The "Romney for president" folks keep promising a new, supercharged phase of the campaign that will launch their stalled candidate on a trajectory straight to the White House.

Senh: It's a good summary of some of the recent attack ads.


Obama camp does video on Romney's 47%

That didn't take long. President Obama's re-election campaign has put out a video featuring voter criticism of Mitt Romney's closed door critique of Obama voters.



New Obama ad hits Romney on China

Just a day after Romney went after Mr. Obama for allegedly not cracking down on China's economic "cheating," the president's re-election campaign is rehashing is attempting to cast doubt on his credibility on the subject. "Mitt Romney? Tough on China? Romney's companies were called pioneers in shipping U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas," says a narrator in the thirty-second spot, entitled "The Cheaters," which is set to air on television in nine battleground states.


No ads for Obama, Romney on 9/11

President Obama attends a memorial service and Mitt Romney speaks to the National Guard on 9/11 anniversary.


Focus group likes ads that go after Obama in a nice way

Republican pollster Frank Luntz got together a group of deeply disaffected voters from around the Charlotte area Monday and several who voted for President Obama four years ago said they now intend to vote for Mitt Romney or are open to that possibility.


Obama asks for campaign cash for air war

All the political attention might be focused on Republicans or even Tropical Storm Isaac, but that's not stopping President Obama from asking for more campaign money. In a new fundraising e-mail today geared to the swing state of Iowa, Obama says he's losing "the air war" and needs $5 or more from donors to pay for more campaign commercials.


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