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Mobile Phone Surveillance Out of Control: Cops Collected 1.3 Million Customer Records

Mobile Surveillance

Federal, state, and local law enforcement requested about 1.3 million cell phone records from wireless carriers in 2011. It's the first time cell phone carriers have reported on the staggering surveillance numbers. Millions of innocent Americans are having their privacy invaded via the dragnet requests.


Apple pulls Russian malware from iOS App Store

Hours after it was highlighted by a security firm, Russian-language malware on the iOS App Store was removed by Apple and is no longer available for download. Apple confirmed on Thursday to Jim Dalrymple of The Loop that it removed the malware, an application named "Find and Call," once it was alerted to its presence on the App Store. The company said the software was pulled for violating App Store guidelines by accessing a user's Address Book data without authorization.


Smartphone 'surveillance' app row

Carrier IQ threatens and then drops legal action against a developer who claimed that the company's code could be used to monitor smartphones.


Opinion: GPS a privacy threat

Catherine Crump: Increasingly police are tracking our movements via our cell phones, an invasion that undermines our essential liberties


Apple, Google, Facebook to talk privacy with Senate

A hearing later this week will point the lens on Apple, Google, and Facebook's mobile privacy policies. This follows last week's hearing about the same topic.


IPhone and iPad users sue Apple over privacy issues

IPhone and iPad users sue Apple over privacy issues

A group of iPhone and iPad users have sued Apple Inc alleging that certain applications (apps) were passing personal user information to third-party advertisers without consent, a court filing showed.


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