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Apple Co-Founder Starring in New Video Game with Danny Trejo

Once again, Steve Wozniak proves that he is the absolute best guy in the world of technology. Forget all the other antics of the world’s tech billionaires combined, this is a guy who is just having fun with it – witness the fact that he’s co-starring in an upcoming iOS game with “Machete” star Danny Trejo.


Defectors eye next 'Angry Birds'

Angry Birds

Tuomas Erikoinen, the man who drew the hit "Angry Birds" app, doesn't really resent his creation. He's just bored with it. He sees the game's grumpy, ball-shaped, wingless birds everywhere he goes, their furrowed brows staring him down. Here in Finland's capital, where "Angry Birds" began, Erikoinen's drawings have been turned into T-shirts, "plushie" stuffed animals and two brands of soft drinks -- Tropic and Paradise.


Zynga Defends Acquisition

Zynga is trying to provide some answers for its controversial acquisition of "Draw Something," a mobile game that was released only six weeks earlier and has since lost popularity.


Angry Birds Hits 100 Million Download Milestone

Angry Birds Hits 100 Million Download Milestone

We all know Angry Birds has been downloaded loads of times. My personal estimate was somewhere around a million-kabillion, but developer Rovio's latest figures put me off by just a few.


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