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Japan may release data proving Chinese radar incident: media

East China Sea Dispute

Japan may release data it says will prove a Chinese naval vessel directed its fire control radar at a Japanese destroyer near disputed islands in the East China Sea, local media reported.


China warns of strong steps in Japan island spat


China reserves the right to take strong countermeasures if Japan "creates incidents" in the waters around a group of disputed uninhabited islands in the East China Sea, a Chinese vice foreign minister said on Friday.


China tensions force Japanese companies to retreat

Anti-Japan Protests

Some Japanese firms have temporarily shut factories and shops in China after angry protests over a territorial dispute, with Chinese state media warning on Monday that Japan could suffer another "lost decade" if trade ties sour.


Anti-Japan protests erupt in China

Thousands of Chinese besieged the Japanese embassy in Beijing on Saturday, hurling rocks, eggs and bottles. Protests spread to other cities in a dispute over a group of remote islands.


Chinese ships patrol disputed islands

China Sea Islands

Six Chinese maritime surveillance ships entered waters around a group of islands at the center of a heated territorial dispute between Tokyo and Beijing, ignoring warnings from the Japanese authorities.


Much at stake for US as tensions rise in China Seas

Vast oil reserves, trillion-dollar trade routes, fervent nationalist sentiments, competing territorial claims and bitter histories – the waters off the east coast of China are a sea of money and a sea of trouble.


Japan sends back Chinese activists in bid to defuse island row

Chinese Activist

Japan on Friday sent home the first group of Chinese activists detained after landing on an island claimed by both Tokyo and Beijing, a move China welcomed but at the same time warned its neighbor against any further escalation in tension.


China's Wen tells Japan disputed islets its territory

Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao has told his Japanese counterpart Naoto Kan that a disputed stretch of islands in the East China Sea belonged to China, state media said.


Arrest of Chinese boat captain by Japan stirs old rivalry

A long-simmering dispute over a string of islands in the East China Sea heats up after the collision of a Chinese trawler with Japanese patrol ships. Experts say long-term relations between the nations could suffer.


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