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Kerry Hoping to Nudge Egypt Toward Reforms

John Kerry made his first trip to an Arab capital as secretary of state on Saturday, hoping to prod Egyptian politicians to show a measure of political peace and a commitment to economic change.


Libyan suspect in U.S. envoy attack killed in Cairo

A Libyan militant suspected by Egypt of involvement in last month's attack on the U.S. consulate in Libya has been killed during a raid by Egyptian security forces in Cairo, a security official said on Thursday.


Clinton reassures Egypt's Mursi on U.S. assistance

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reassured Egypt's new Islamist president on Monday that the United States would forge ahead with plans to expand economic assistance despite anti-American protests that cast new shadows over U.S. engagement with the region.


Romney gets capital of Libya wrong in press conf criticizing Obama on foreign policy

Mitt Romney got the capital of Libya wrong in his opportunistic statement this morning criticizing the President about his handling of the attacks against the US embassy in Cairo and the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya.


Obama exhorts US, allies to bolster Arab Spring

Obama exhorts US, allies to bolster Arab Spring

Holding out Poland's transformation to democracy as a model for the world, President Barack Obama on Saturday exhorted Western allies and the American public alike to extend their support, energy and vision to those now reaching for democracy in the Middle East and North Africa.


Obama under fire over Libya

Obama under fire over Libya

Top Obama administration officials are expected to face continued criticism Thursday over their handling of the crisis in Libya, and louder calls for a clearer explanation of U.S. policy in the war-torn North African nation.


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