About Wopular.com

Wopular.com (blog) is a news aggregation site. Use this site to get a summary view of the top headlines and search results from the top newspapers and online news sites. Think of this as an online newspaper rack, except with an editor who supplements those headlines with featured stories.

"A no-bullshit, one-click alternative to Huff Post. I'm sick of playing guessing games with links and headlines." — Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times

"... presents breaking news in a slick user-friendly interface that makes The Drudge Report look positively 20th century." — Anne Thompson, IndieWire

Newspaper Rack

By listing five stories from the top circulated newspapers in the country, I'm hoping that this will give a more comprehensive view of what's happening across the United States. Even if most papers cover the same story, it's good to have multiple perspectives. Think of this as Drudge Report meets Rotten Tomatoes. It's the equivalent of looking at the front page of the top newspapers and online news sites across the country.

Most of the sources are newspapers, but I also link to social news sites like Digg and Google News to show popular news items submitted by their respective users. The Onion and Fark, two news sites focusing on humor are included as well. Sources are sorted by popularity (online news sites) and circulation (newspapers).

"VERY nice implementation, clean, simple, valuable." — Nick Demartino, Senior Vice President of American Film Institute


The search box grabs results from the top news sites, aggregation sites, blogging sites, video sites, photo sites, and search engines. In other words, it searches sites like CNN, NY Times, Digg, Google News, Twitter, Technorati, YouTube, Hulu, Google Images, Flickr, Yahoo, Bing, Wikipedia, and many more, all at once. Now, you can instantly get the latest news and buzz on any news topic. For example, here's a search for Barack Obama.

"This online newspaper rack sports a pleasantly slick interface for aggregation of hand-picked top stories from a variety of popular sources including CNN, BBC News, the New York Times, and Reuters, as well as social sites like Digg and Google News, humor rags including The Onion, and those sparkle-eyed dreamers over at Forbes. " - Thrillist

Topics Directory

Browse through over 500,000 news topics. When you get to your topic of interest, click on "News Rack" to view news regarding your topic from the top newspapers, search engines, social sites, and video and image sites. Wopular uses the topics directory from the Open Directory Project, a website directory, so that's why all of the descriptions are tailored to websites.

The People Behind This Site

Senh Duong
Senh is the founder of popular movie site Rotten Tomatoes. He started Wopular because he’s embarrassed that although he always knows what movies are opening each week, he doesn’t have a full knowledge of what’s going on in the country and around the world. He blogs about technology, business, and web development on Wopular. He reserves his movie blogging at Movies With Butter.

Sin-Mao Yang
Sin-Mao blogs about politics and current events. He will give us his thoughts on what’s happening in the U.S. and around the world.

Chun Chou
Chun blogs about everything else - books, travel, and living. She will opine on how technological advances and world events affect how we live.

Sinclair Duong
Sinclair is both the system administrator and coder. In addition to making sure that this site is up and running, he also maintains and builds site features.


If you find this useful or have a suggestion for me, drop me an email.