In Celtics-heat Series, Refs Favoring Heat So Far

I’ve been watching the Boston Celtics battle the Miami Heat in the NBA Eastern Conference Finals, and so far the referees seem to favor Miami. I’ve written about the obvious late non-call on Dwyane Wade when he slapped Rajon Rondo’s face during a layup in game two. That non-call lead to a fast-break and two extra points for the Heat. It’s a four point swing that decided that game.

In game four, Wade had another obvious foul on Paul Pierce when he bumped him in air and snatched the ball away. I forgot if this lead two points for Miami, but Pierce should have been shooting free throws.

The refs seem to let Wade slide more easily than others. I can’t say if it’s his superstar status because Rondo and Pierce are superstars too.

I’m just glad the Celtics won this time and even up the series. Game two was a give away from the refs to the Heat.

Because of Miami’s home court advantage, I have a feeling that they would still take the series, which is looking eerily similar to last year’s. Boston tends to lead early, but the younger and faster Miami team eventually tire them out and take it in the end.

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, and Ray Allen always run out of gas towards the end of games. Nonetheless, I just want a fair game. I don’t want the refs to decide it for me. They need to call fouls when it’s necessary and let players play when it’s not.

Maybe Wade is so fast, refs can’t keep up. As viewers, we have the advantage of instant replay and different camera angles. Still, the Rondo non-call was too obvious. The Pierce one I could forgive because if the refs aren’t in the right angle, they could miss it.

Stills, the calls so far seem to favor Miami.

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