Clash Of The Automatic Update Titans: Usb Stopped Working After Asus And Windows Updates

Yesterday, I had database issues. Today, I have computer issues. I started my morning off early today, and was ready to catch up with stuff that I placed on the backburner yesterday while trying to repair a corrupted MySQL table.

That didn’t go according to plan. I was about to start work, notice ASUS and Windows decided to do updates. I let them, and before I know it my mouse stopped working. Shortly afterwards, my touchpad stopped working too.

I rebooted my Zenbook. My wireless Logitech mouse with a nano receiver was still not working. My touchpad soon followed as before. I noticed that if I click on the power button to put the computer to sleep, and then pressing it again to wake it up, my touchpad would come back to life.

I went to the Control Panel and click on the troubleshooting link, which detected a problem with the Fresco Logic USB3.0 Host Controller software that ASUS updated. It didn’t offer me any solutions though. I tried uninstalling it and rebooting afterwards, but that didn’t work either.

Luckily, I was able to find a couple system restore points - one for the ASUS update, one for the Windows Update, and another one before both. I tried the one before the ASUS update, but that didn’t solve any of the problems. I then tried the one before both updates, which was about a couple weeks ago, and that worked.

A couple hours of my day was wasted by the latest ASUS and Windows Update, which obviously conflicted with each other and cause the USB slots and the touchpad to clash and short circuit.

UPDATE: Commenter Anders Friis Hansen figured out it was the "USB Charger Plus" program that is the cause of this problem. If you have it, uninstall it; if you don't, then install it. That should fix the problem.

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