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  • Low Turnout Was Factor In Postponing Trump Rally
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 12:12 PM

    By the time the Trump campaign announced that a planned New Hampshire rally “was off, citing ‘safety concerns’ over a tropical storm barreling toward the Northeast on Friday afternoon, people close to the campaign said fears over low turnout also motivated the decision to scrap the event,”

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  • Texas Court Will Not Allow In-Person GOP Convention
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 01:07 PM

    “The Texas Supreme Court on Monday rejected the state Republican Party’s appeal of a lower court’s decision regarding its in-person Houston convention, all but ensuring that Mayor Sylvester Turner’s move to cancel the event will stand,” the Houston Chronicle reports.

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  • Cuomo Will Fine Travelers Who Do Not Quarantine
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 02:47 PM

    New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) announced that travelers to New York from states with high rates of COVID-19 cases must provide authorities with contact information or face a $2,000 fine and a court summons, The Hill reports.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Extra Bonus Quote of the Day
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 02:49 PM

    “Some people in the country tried to politicize that issue. Believe me, the coronavirus is not involved in American politics… But we have an obligation as individuals to try to protect ourselves and protect others.”
    — Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), quoted by CNN.

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  • What Could Derail VP Whispers About Atlanta’s Mayor
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 03:30 PM

    “Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms’ impassioned plea for calm as her city descended into “chaos” last month has helped catapult her onto Joe Biden’s list of possible running mates – a seamless, rapid, and for some, unexpected ascent to the national stage,” ABC News reports.

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  • ‘We’re Leading the World’
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 04:21 PM

    Joe Biden released a scathing video about President Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

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  • ‘The Godfather’ of Trump Books
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 06:22 AM

    Politico: “Too Much and Never Enough (at least on its own) is not likely to hurt the president politically. (There’s plenty else at this point that’s doing that.) It’s not going to lead immediately to any legal jeopardy he doesn’t already face.

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  • Roger Stone Will Campaign for Trump
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 07:24 AM

    Roger Stone told Axios that he plans to write and speak for President Trump’s re-election now that Stone “won’t die in a squalid hellhole of corona-19 virus.”
    Said Stone: “First, I’m going to write a book about this entire ordeal to, once and for all, put to bed the myth of Russian collusion.”

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  • Biden Leads In Swing Nebraska District
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 08:25 AM

    A new Greenberg Quinlin Rosner (D) poll in Nebraska’s second congressional district finds Joe Biden leading Donald Trump in the presidential race, 51% to 44%.
    In the congressional race, challenger Kara Eastman (D) just beats out Rep.More | Talk | Read It Later | Share

  • Don Jr.’s Misplaced Apostrophe
    Monday - 07/13/2020 - 09:06 AM

    The cover for Donald Trump Jr.’s forthcoming self-published book, Liberal Privilege, misplaces an apostrophe in the book’s subtitle, The Guardian reports.

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