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Cambodians mourn as body of ex-King Norodom Sihanouk returns

Hundreds of thousands of mourners on Wednesday afternoon tearfully welcomed the arrival of the body of the most revered ex-King Norodom Sihanouk, who died of illness at the age of 90 in Beijing on Monday.


China tells US to stop reporting Beijing's bad air

China told foreign embassies Tuesday to stop publishing their own reports on air quality in the country, escalating its objections to a popular U.S. Embassy Twitter feed that tracks pollution in smoggy Beijing.


U.S.: No 'magic wand' to help Chen leave China

Chen Guangcheng

The Chinese activist who left the refuge of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing said Thursday that he regrets the move and pleads for Hillary Clinton's help to get into the United States.


India to test nuclear missile capable of reaching Beijing

China-India Border Dispute

India announced plans Wednesday to test launch a new long-range missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead as far as the Chinese capital Beijing for the first time. Officials and defense experts said if the tests of the Agni-V missile proved successful, it would mark a significant improvement in India’s nuclear deterrent capability, and would strengthen its hand in a hostile neighborhood, sandwiched between nuclear-armed rivals Pakistan and China.

Senh: Why are we so hard on Iran and North Korea with their nuclear programs, but we say nothing about India? Oh wait, India's one of our allies. Pakistan and China are our enemies, and so are Iran and North Korea.


U.S. to Meet North Koreans in Beijing for Nuclear Talks

Nuclear Plant

A U.S. envoy will hold talks with North Korea on its nuclear program in Beijing next week, the first such negotiations since the death of the nation's longtime leader, Kim Jong Il.


Beijing is wary of Obama's assertive China policy

Beijing is wary of Obama's assertive China policy

Beijing's public response to President Barack Obama's more muscular China policy has been muted, but behind the scenes the U.S. president's moves to contest rising Chinese power.


Anger over China tourist beating

A Chinese tourist was beaten unconscious after being mistaken for a petitioner who wanted to lobby the authorities in Beijing, state media report.


VIDEO: Brawl at US China basketball match

VIDEO: Brawl at US China basketball match

A basketball match between an American and Chinese basketball game ended in a brawl on Thursday in Beijing, overshadowing a visit to the country by the US Vice President Joe Biden. Officials abandoned the match between the Georgetown University men's basketball team and the Bayi Rockets after a foul led to punches and chairs being thrown.


China growth tops forecast, inflation fight goes on

China growth tops forecast, inflation fight goes on

China's economy slowed less sharply than expected in the second quarter and Beijing said corralling inflation remained its top priority even though a "complex and volatile" global economy clouded the outlook.


Chinese police stay on alert for anti-government rallies

Chinese police stay on alert for anti-government rallies

For the third Sunday in a row, Chinese police swamped a downtown Beijing area for "stroll-by" protests against China's communist government.


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