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Woman challenges bone marrow donation law in effort to save daughters’ lives

Bone Marrow Transplant

Doreen Flynn is the mother of three young girls with an incurable blood disorder called Fanconi anemia. Jordan, 13, and twins Jorja and Julia, 7, will all need bone transplants to survive. Their mother fears there won’t be a match for her girls when the time comes. Or worse, that if a match is found that the donor won’t follow through and donate. She has reason to worry - some experts say that nearly half of donors don’t follow through with donation. So she has become the lead plaintiff in a case that she hopes will change medical history and make it legal to pay bone marrow donors. In doing so, she’s also taking aim at a long held position by the medical establishment that people who provide bone marrow should be altruistic – and not in it for the money.


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