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Natural gas isn't the only reason U.S. carbon emissions are falling

It's become something of a clich in energy-policy discussions: The United States is making headway on global warming and slashing its carbon-dioxide emissions all because of a glut of cheap natural gas that's elbowing out dirty coal power.


Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Hit Record in 2011, Researchers Say

Emissions continue to grow so rapidly that an international goal of limiting the warming of the planet to 3.6 degrees is on the verge of becoming unattainable, researchers said.


In U.S. surprise, CO2 levels hit 20-year low


Carbon dioxide emissions hit an unexpected 20-year low earlier this year, mainly because utilities have switched from coal to natural gas.


CO2 'drove end to last ice age'

CO2 Ended Ice Age

New research provides compelling evidence that the last ice age was ended by a rise in temperature driven by an increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide.


Record Jump in Emissions in 2010, Study Finds

Global emissions of carbon dioxide from fossil-fuel burning jumped by 5.9 percent, upending the notion that the brief decline during the recession might persist.


US Finalizes Car-Mileage Rules

US Finalizes Car-Mileage Rules

The Obama administration finalized new environmental rules for automobiles Thursday that officials say will spur new vehicle technologies and reduce oil consumption. The rules require that all new cars average about 35.5 miles per gallon by ...


Senate panel approves Democratic climate bill

Senate panel approves Democratic climate bill

A key U.S. Senate environment committee approved a Democratic climate change bill on Thursday that would require industry to cut emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases 20 percent by 2020 from 2005 levels.


Obama touts plan for cleaner, more efficient cars

Obama touts plan for cleaner, more efficient cars

President Barack Obama is asking consumers to put their money -- up to $1,300 per new vehicle by 2016 -- behind his plan for higher efficiency standards for cars and trucks and tougher rules on their greenhouse gas emissions.


Competition Heats Up In Race For Electric Car Dominance

Competition Heats Up In Race For Electric Car Dominance

Urban visionaries in London and Seoul, two of the world's busiest capital cities, foresee buses gliding through their streets with speed, ease and efficiency - without emitting the exhaust fumes that scientists say are contributing to global warming. Under Mayor Boris Johnson's vision, London's iconic red double-decker Routemaster buses would be back on the streets - but powered by electricity, not gasoline.


Tribe, ranchers fight over rainforest in Panama

Deforestation is blamed for 20 percent of harmful carbon dioxide emissions and the extinction of thousands of unique species of plants, animals and insects. The issue means nothing less than survival in Panama, where ranchers and tribesmen are at odds over a dwindling rainforest.


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