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Outrage as 95 GSA 'virtual' employees racked up $750,000 in travel expenses in NINE MONTHS

Nearly 100 General Services Administration employees, many of them high-ranking, claimed more than $750,000 in travel expenses in a nine-month period, despite the fact that they were assigned to work from home.


Republicans seek to pin GSA scandal on White House

Republican lawmakers tried Tuesday to tie the spending scandal at the General Services Administration to the White House, pressing current and former agency officials to explain why they met with senior administration officials more than a week before disciplining most of the implicated officials.


Vegas spending spree prompts resignation at federal agency

Remember the furor over $16 muffins? That's nothing compared with the $100-plus per-person reception that featured 400 pieces of $4.75 "Petit Beef Wellington," 400 "Mini Monte Cristo Sandwiches" at $5 each and 1,000 sushi rolls for $7 apiece, as well as other "excessive and wasteful" spending at a General Services Administration conference in the Las Vegas area in 2010.


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