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U.N. court acquits Karadzic of 1 genocide count

The Yugoslav war crimes tribunal acquitted former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic of one of two genocide charges.


Genocide trial for Bosnian commander Mladic opens

Ratko Mladic

Twenty years after the opening shots of the Bosnian War, former Bosnian Serb military commander Gen. Ratko Mladic has gone on trial at a UN tribunal on 11 charges of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes.


War crimes suspect Ratko Mladic can be extradited, judge rules

The decision clears the way for Ratko Mladic to be sent to the war crimes tribunal at The Hague to face charges of genocide and crimes against humanity. His son says the 69-year-old suspect is 'very, very frail.'


Second Rwanda genocide is revealed in Congo

The mass graves at a banana plantation in Congo tell of a second Rwanda genocide.


Cambodian Killer Gets 19 Years for 16,000 Dead

A war crimes tribunal sentenced the Khmer Rouge's chief jailer on Monday to a prison term that will see him serve less than half a day for every person killed at the notorious torture center he commanded.


Obama again stops short of calling slaughter of Armenians a genocide

For the second year in a row, Obama avoids the term being pushed by Armenian American groups and their congressional allies as he marks the day of remembrance of the 1915 killings by Ottoman Turks.


Rwanda governor jailed for life for genocide

Rwanda governor jailed for life for genocide

A U.N. court trying the architects of Rwanda's 1994 genocide jailed a former Kigali governor for life on five counts including ordering the killing of 60 Tutsi boys in a church-run pastoral center.


Pakistan Races to Deal With Mounting Refugees

Pakistan said Tuesday it was racing to help refugees fleeing a military offensive against the Taliban in its northwest - an exodus of some 1.5 million with a speed and size the U.N. said could rival the displacement caused by Rwanda's genocide.


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