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TLC Cancels 'Kate Plus 8'

The cable channel said Monday that it was cancelling its long-running reality franchise about Jon and Kate Gosselin's twin daughters and set of sextuplets.


Tidbits: Jon's ex-gal says he blackmailed Kate

According to the reality TV dad’s ex-girlfriend, the public he-said, she-said between Jon and Kate was nothing compared to what went on behind the media mess.


Gosselin Kids Back on TV

The center of hearings on child labor laws in Pennsylvania, the 'stars' of 'Jon & Kate Plus 8' are cleared to be on mom's new show.


Jon and Kate's divorce finalized

Jon and Kate's divorce finalized

After 10 years of marriage, Jon and Kate Gosselin's divorce was finalized by a Pennsylvania judge on Friday.


Jon and Kate close out 'Plus Eight'

Jon and Kate Gosselin closed out their "Plus Eight" series Monday night with more of a whimper than a bang and plenty of whining, bitterness and blame.


‘Jon & Kate’ to end stormy reality TV run

It would seem the series is going out with a grateful sigh of relief, if not a whimper, after months in the midst of noise and upheaval. The feuding couple's split came to dominate the series, as well as helping fuel a firestorm of tabloid coverage.


Jon Gosselin sues TLC for $5M

In the latest skirmish in his war with TLC, Jon Gosselin has filed a $5 million claim against the network, saying its representatives damaged his reputation and career by preventing him from working with other media outlets.


Kate says ‘part of me will always’ love Jon

Sitting down with the TODAY show's Natalie Morales for a special aired on TLC Monday night, Kate Gosselin describes a bleak life after her split with husband Jon, with her living in the center of a maelstrom of media attention.


Jon Gosselin says he returned $230K in joint funds

Jon Gosselin says he returned $230K in joint funds

Reality dad Jon Gosselin says he has put $230,000 back into a joint account he shares with estranged wife Kate as the couple continues their bitter divorce battle....


TLC suing Jon Gosselin for breach of contract

TLC suing Jon Gosselin for breach of contract

The lawsuit alleges that Gosselin hasn't met the obligations of his contract as an exclusive employee, has appeared on other programs for pay and made una


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