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Manti Te'o Voicemails Supposedly Left By 'Lennay Kekua' Released By Notre Dame Star (AUDIO)

Manti Te'o

Manti Te'o has admitted that he never actually met Lennay Kekua, despite lying to his parents and briefly misleading the media on this issue, but he maintains that he spent countless nights talking to his "girlfriend" on the telephone.


Te'o tells Katie Couric he lied to maintain hoax

Manti Te'o

Notre Dame football star Manti Te'o told ABC News' Katie Couric that he had lied to keep up a hoax involving a nonexistent dying girlfriend once he learned he had been duped two days before the Heisman Trophy winner was announced.


The TV Column: Couric finishes 1st among new daytime talk shows

Katie Couric

Katie Couric finished first among new daytime talk shows during its premiere week, early stats suggest. “Katie’s” week, which started big before taking a spill, ended strong Friday with a Jennifer Lopez interview. (Couric got J-Lo to comment on the new “American Idol” judging panel by incorrectly assuring her that Fox had confirmed the names — which Fox did not do until Sunday).


Katie Couric scores ratings triumph in return to daytime TV

Katie Couric’s triumphant return to daytime TV Monday snagged the biggest ratings for a syndicated talk show launch in a decade. 
The “Katie” unveiling tied “Dr. Phil’s” premiere back in September of 2002 and --  because we know you’re going to ask – there have been 25 daytime talk show debuts since the unveiling of “Dr. Phil.”


TV Column: Couric’s case of nerves on her talk show debut

Katie Couric

Katie Couric’s return to daytime TV began with Katie in bed, having a nightmare. She woke up with a jolt and said to someone in the next twin bed, who was buried under the covers: “Wow! I just had the weirdest dream! I left ‘Today’ to anchor the evening news and did it for five years, and then I dreamed I was going to be hosting my own daytime talk show!”


Katie Couric to launch new Web show for Yahoo, ABC

Katie Couric is launching a weekly Web series for Yahoo Inc. and ABC News in which she will discuss health, nutrition, parenting and wellness issues....


Palin helps keep 'Today' ahead vs. Couric on 'GMA'

Sarah Palin helped "Today" maintain its winning streak against "GMA," even with the appearance of its own guest star Katie Couric. NBC's "Today" widened its advantage over ABC runner-up "Good Morning America" by 23,000 viewers Tuesday, compared with the day before, according to the Nielsen Co.


Palin and Couric: No drama on morning TV showdown

Sarah Palin and Katie Couric

Viewers who fantasized about potshots being volleyed between Sarah Palin and Katie Couric were disappointed Tuesday morning. Both women did their own thing in their respective morning-show guest spots.


Couric, Palin to face off again on morning shows

Nearly four years after they clashed in a memorable TV interview, Sarah Palin and Katie Couric face off again - this time in a morning-show battle royale. Viewers will cast their votes with their clickers Tuesday. If you're a Couric fan who misses those bygone mornings on the "Today" show, then click to "Good Morning America," where Couric, now an ABC star, is subbing all week for co-host Robin Roberts.


Debut of Katie Couric’s show set for September

Katie Couric

If you had your money on Monday, Sept. 10, as the day and date that Katie Couric would debut her new nationally syndicated talk show, you’ve won the office pool. In a webcast Thursday to TV stations that have bought “Katie” for their lineups — including WJLA (Channel 7) in Washington — the show’s executive producer, Jeff Zucker, unveiled the “Katie” logo, which looks suspiciously like the old Oprah-show logo. Except, of course, Katie’s name starts with a “K,” so the big circle around her name is technically not an “O,” but just an incomplete bit of “O”-ness.


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