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NBA commissioner David Stern: LeBron James' decision 'ill-advised' but allowed

NBA commissioner David Stern says LeBron James was "entitled" to decide to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat.


LeBron James' move making waves beyond South Beach

Maybe it's a seismic shift in the NBA landscape. Or it's just a little wave washing up on South Beach. One way or another, LeBron James has the league's attention. Around the NBA Friday, everyone was talking about the impact of James' decision to spurn the Cleveland Cavaliers and form an All-Star trio with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami.

Senh: Doug Collins made an interesting comment - Lebron James leaving Cleveland and Chris Bosh leaving Toronto automatically weakens each of those playoff teams in the East. Now, two more playoff spots open up in the East. In terms of playoff impact, it mostly impacts Orlando and Boston, who are title contenders in the East.


Cavs owner mocked for font style

Dear computer users: If you're ever going to write a fuming letter, think twice before setting the font to the oh-so-mockable Comic Sans.


Cavs owner blasts LeBron James

Cavs owner blasts LeBron James

Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert says LeBron James "quit" during the playoffs and should be accountable for his actions. Gilbert, who posted a letter to Cavs fans on the team's website shortly after James announced he plans to sign with Miami, tells The Associated Press late Thursday night that he feels "personally betrayed" by James and that it's "accountability...

Senh: This open letter to the fans is UNREAL. You gotta read it. He called Lebron James a traitor, coward, narcissist, quitter, and a whole bunch of other adjectives.


LeBron Live: Blogging the Decision

LeBron Live: Blogging the Decision

Wow. That felt a bit like American Idol. And in the end it's Miami, which everyone had predicted. How does LeBron explain his decision to leave his hometown team? "It's heartfelt for me," James said. "It's hard to explain. But at the same time my heart and the seven years I gave to that franchise and that city was everything."

Senh: Now the NBA just got a lot more interesting. Sometime in the middle of the season, I bet Erik Spoelstra will resign because he wants to "spend more time with the family," and Pat Riley will return to coach the team. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh. That's gonna be a really exciting team to watch. This is the new Big Three - younger, stronger, and more athletic than the one in the Boston.


LeBron James Miami Heat Rumors Intensify Leading Up To Decision

Just one day ago, all the buzz was LeBron James to the New York Knicks.

Today? With his official announcement just hours away, all indications are pointing to LeBron James signing with the Miami Heat.

Senh: Not surprised to see a whole lotta backlash against this. Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant have huge egos, but even they didn't have an hour long show announcement their free agency plans. I guess this is what happens when you have your high school buddies running the show. None of these young guys listen to Magic Johnson - never involve your close friends and relatives in your business, or you're gonna end up being one of the 60% of NBA players who end up broke shortly after they retire.


Report: ESPN to air LeBron's decision Thursday

Report: ESPN to air LeBron's decision Thursday

LeBron James' dramatic and historic free agency will have a fitting conclusion - on TV. ESPN reported Tuesday night that James will announce his future NBA plans during a one-hour special on its network at 9 p.m. Thursday. ESPN's Chris Broussard said James' "representatives" contacted the network and asked for the unusual arrangement.

Senh: Yes, very "unusual." Lebron James hasn't even won a championship yet. I'm getting pretty tired of this nonsense. It was distracting during the NBA Finals. And now, there's gonna be an hour special on ESPN? I'm still watching it, but ...


Barack Obama: Bulls would be a good spot for LeBron James

If LeBron James isn't sure he can win in Cleveland, President Obama thinks there's an opportunity in his hometown. Obama told ...


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