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Girl's stem cells used to make her a new vein

For the first time doctors have successfully transplanted a vein grown with a patient's own stem cells, another example of scientists producing human body parts in the lab. In this case, the patient was a 10-year-old girl in Sweden who was suffering from a severe vein blockage to her liver. Last March, the girl's doctors decided to make her a new blood vessel to bypass the blocked vein instead of using one of her own or considering a liver transplant.


The growing culprit behind liver disease

Feel like you're going crazy? Too much fat in your liver can lead to toxins that mess with your mind. And it's a problem doctors are seeing more and more.


Apple CEO Jobs received liver transplant

Apple CEO Jobs received liver transplant

Steve Jobs, the chief executive of Apple Inc., received a liver transplant about two months ago but is expected to return to work later this month, CNBC reported on Saturday.


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