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Mammograms: For 1 life saved, 3 overdiagnosed


Breast cancer screening for women over 50 saves lives, an independent panel in Britain has concluded, confirming findings in U.S. and other studies. But, the review found that for every life saved, roughly three other women were overdiagnosed.


Health task force challenges conventions, faces condemnation

Health Task Force

Nobody loves a party pooper. And it seems nobody these days loves the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force. Few Americans had even heard of it until three years ago, when the advisory board with the 10-syllable name challenged convention by saying women under 50 might not benefit from mammograms, just as the debate over health care was coming to a boil.


Mammograms can cut deaths by a third

The longest-running breast cancer screening study ever conducted has shown that regular mammograms prevent deaths from breast cancer, and the number of lives saved increases over time, an international research team said on Tuesday.


Mammograms' Value in Cancer Fight at Issue in Study

A new study suggests that increased awareness and improved treatments rather than mammograms are the main force in reducing the breast cancer death rate. Although most women in this country faithfully get their mammogram every year ...


Sebelius: No change for mammograms

A federal advisory board's recommendation that women in their 40s should avoid routine mammograms is not government policy and has caused "a great deal of confusion," Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday.


Task Force Opposes Routine Mammograms for Women Age 40-49

Task Force Opposes Routine Mammograms for Women Age 40-49

Women in their 40s should not get routine mammograms for early detection of breast cancer, according to updated guidelines set forth by the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.


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