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Duang! Jackie Chan meme takes off on Chinese Internet

Thank Jackie Chan. The Internet has a new meme, and it rhymes (sort of) with “wrong.” It’s “duang!”

Senh: No, you're duang. It's blue and black.


NPR: In 2012 Memes' half-life fell 75%

Last June, a young woman in Texas uploaded a Justin Bieber fan video. She seemed a little .... unhinged. "I just made a list [of] all our future kids names: Bartholemew, Clarence, Steven, Bryce," she sings, eyes wide. The video was posted to Reddit in a thread called "Overly Attached Girlfriend." In 48 hours, it picked up over 1 million views. Within days, the media was running stories about it.


New Obama photo inspires last-minute election memes

It’s almost as if President Obama wants the internet to make a meme out of him in the final week of the election. After dialing a wrong number while making calls from a campaign field office in Florida on Sunday, Obama turned to AP photographer Pablo Martinez Monsavis and made this sort-of-smug, sort-of-sassy face. And now, many bloggers and social media users are calling it the best photo of the president, ever.


Binders full of funny: Romney meme spurs joke Amazon reviews

"There are some problems with this binder," complains Ruth from New Hampshire. "First, there are no women in it." A remark made by Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney during Tuesday's debate brought us a meme that just keeps on giving.


Romney's 'binders full of women' remark goes viral

Binders Full of Women

On the Internet, the real winner of Tuesday night’s presidential debate may just be the phrase “binders full of women.” Mitt Romney’s sound bite quickly spawned its own Twitter account, Facebook page with more than 161,000 likes and countless online memes.


Keanu Reeves writes a book about his sad, sad life

Keanu Reeves writes a book about his sad, sad life

As if I needed another reason to be bemused by poor, sad Keanu, the actor has penned a book based on his Sad Keanu persona, an internet meme revolved around pictures of the actor looking sad and alone in a cruel world. If you haven't seen them, check it out, but first make sure you shut all the windows and hide your supply of nooses. The book is called Ode to Happiness, and features ink-blot paintings that look like someone cried all over them (much like the letters I used to send to my parents from sleep-away camp, blotted with Sprite-tears, begging for them to come pick me up) with messages like "I draw a hot sorrow bath."


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