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With Fed boosting economy, now may be the time to refinance

Ben Bernanke

With the Federal Reserve buying billions of dollars worth of mortgage-backed securities, you might think that mortgage rates are poised to fall even lower than the current rock-bottom levels. Maybe you should wait on that refinancing, you wonder, or delay purchasing a house until the market is even more favorable.


J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo: Housing on Mend

Housing Market

Two of the nation's largest banks released third-quarter results that suggest the U.S. housing market, a key factor in the nation's economic performance, is bouncing back as mortgage rates hit record lows and home refinancings surge.


DealBook: Mortgage Refinancing Boom Is Expected to Benefit Banks

As the government expands its support of the housing market, analysts expect that mortgage profits at banks will rise in third-quarter earnings reports and will continue well into next year.


Obama to tout success of mortgage refinancing

Barack Obama

President Obama will announce new figures Friday showing a dramatic spike in the number of Americans taking advantage of federal programs designed to help struggling homeowners and stabilize the lagging housing industry, administration officials said Thursday.


US rate on 30-year mortgage hits record 3.83 pct.

Average U.S. rates for 30-year and 15-year fixed mortgages fell to fresh record lows this week, making home-buying and refinancing more affordable than ever for those who can qualify.


White House Seeks More Use of Home Refinancing Program

A two-year-old program fell short of expectations, and now the Obama administration is seeking to broaden access to it.


White House could unveil mortgage plan next week

The Obama administration is considering unveiling new plans next week to revive the ailing housing market and reduce foreclosures, including an effort to help troubled borrowers refinance their mortgages.


Refinancing? Ask yourself these 6 questions

Refinancing? Ask yourself these 6 questions

Refinancing can be a great way to save money, but it's not a sure thing. Before you take the plunge, ask yourself these six questions to avoid making a major money mistake.


Obama Plans Refinancing Aid, Loans for Jobless Homeowners, HUD Chief Says

Obama Plans Refinancing Aid, Loans for Jobless Homeowners, HUD Chief Says

Michael Feder, chief executive officer of Radar Logic Inc., talks about US home prices and the outlook for the housing market. US home prices fell 1.6 percent in the second ...


When refinancing isn't an option

Depressed home values, poor credit and high debt shut millions out of the lowest mortgage rates.


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