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Google Search Beats the Crap Out of Siri In 1600 Question Test

Pitting Google search against Siri using a monster 1600-question test shows how useful Siri really is: not at all. Google answered correctly 86 percent of the time. Siri achieved just 68 percent accuracy. At that point, it's not much better than a crystal ball.


GM Confirms Siri 'Eyes Free' Integration Coming to New Models Within 12 Months

General Motors will be one of the first automakers to support Apple's Eyes Free feature in iOS 6, according to a report by GMAuthority. Eyes Free will put a dedicated Siri button on the steering wheel, allowing users to control their iPhones without moving their hands.


Apple hit with Siri suit over what the program can really do

Ever find yourself frustrated with how smoothly Siri seems to work for the folks in Apple’s commercials but not for you? A New York man has filed a class-action suit against Apple, saying that the company has been “misleading and deceptive” about what the iPhone 4S virtual assistant can do.


iPhone virtual assistant Siri has her flaws, but she's learning

Apple iPhone Siri

Apple's voice recognition app operates in the Internet cloud. Commands are processed on a Web server and software developers can monitor Siri's responses, tweaking the program to improve it.


Who Needs Keys When Siri Has Been Hacked to Start Cars?

iPhone Siri Starts Cars Gizmodo

Last week we showed you how a developer had hacked Siri to operate his internet-connected thermostat. But that's not cool. Starting your car using Siri, now that's cool. Actually, that's a bit unfair.


iPhone’s Siri shows off her sense of humor

Early reviews of the iPhone 4S may have been uniformly great, bordering on glowing. But the best part of Wednesday’s coverage of Apple’s latest has been reviewers’ transcripts of their conversations with Siri — the personal assistant.


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