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Astronauts enter the Dragon for first time


Space station astronauts floated into the Dragon on Saturday, a day after its heralded arrival as the world's first commercial supply ship.


Space X Capsule Docks at Space Station


Space Exploration Technologies Corporation has made history as the first private company to send a spacecraft to the space station.


Space junk threatens station astronauts

A discarded chunk of a Russian rocket is forcing six space station astronauts to seek shelter in escape capsules early Saturday....


China prepares for space launch

China is set to launch a unmanned spacecraft on Tuesday to dock with a capsule orbiting the Earth, as part of its work to build a space station.


China launches module for future space station

China launches its first experimental module for a future space station, the Associated Press reports.


Space junk threatening space station, 3 residents

Space junk threatening space station, 3 residents

A small piece of space junk drifted dangerously close to the International Space Station on Tuesday, prompting NASA to order the three astronauts to seek shelter in their attached capsule....


Space station astronauts take 2nd crack at repairs

A pair of spacewalking astronauts tackled urgent space station repairs Wednesday for the second time in five days, anxious to avoid the kind ...


NASA scrambling to plan vital space station repairs

NASA engineers are working around-the-clock to firm up plans to send astronauts on two emergency spacewalks outside the International Space Station to repair a serious cooling system failure.


Space station cooling system suddenly shuts down

Half of the International Space Station's cooling system suddenly shut down during the weekend, forcing the astronauts to power down equipment and face the likelihood of urgent spacewalking repairs.


Atlantis leaves space station ... for last time?

The space shuttle Atlantis made its last scheduled departure from the International Space Station on Sunday.


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