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Neb. woman makes deal in sex-with-stepson case

A 27-year-old Nebraska woman accused of having sex with her teenage stepson has made a deal with prosecutors and pleaded no contest to sexual assault.


Roman Polanski's victim to tell all in memoir

Samantha Geimer is writing a memoir to claim a new identity beyond 'the girl' Roman Polanski was accused of raping.


Police: Bieber sexual tryst may be investigated

Police: Bieber sexual tryst may be investigated

A Los Angeles police commander says his department could investigate an alleged sexual tryst between an underage Justin Bieber and a now 20-year-old woman because it violates California's statutory rape law....


Roman Polanski victim: Director is not a threat, prosecution should end

Samantha Geimer, who as a 13-year-old girl was at the center of the Roman Polanski sex case, called on prosecutors to halt the case against the famed director.


Lawrence Taylor pleads not guilty to rape charge

Lawrence Taylor appeared in a New York state courtroom on Tuesday and pleaded not guilty to a rape charge levied against him in May. Taylor was arrested on May 6 when police alleged that he had sex with what they said was a prostituted 16-year-old girl ...


Swiss Reject U.S. Request to Extradite Polanski

Swiss Reject U.S. Request to Extradite Polanski

The film director won’t be extradited to face charges of unlawful sex with a minor because of a possible fault in the American extradition application, an official said.

Senh: I'm not sure what real justice would be in this case. The victim has already publicly expressed that she doesn't want him criminalized. The two sides had already reached a settlement decades ago. Yes, he did have sex with a minor. Yes, it's statutory rape. Logically, he should be in jail serving time. Otherwise, it would seem like he bought his way out of this whole mess and sets a bad precedent.


Ex-Giants star Lawrence Taylor indicted on charges of rape, criminal sexual ...

Former NFL player Lawrence Taylor was also indicted on charges of endangering the welfare of a child and patronizing a prostitute. Former Giants great Lawrence Taylor was indicted Wednesday for having sex with a teenage prostitute.


British actress says Roman Polanski forced her to have sex with him in 1982 when she was 16

A British actress took center stage in the Roman Polanski case on Friday, holding a press conference to say the famed director forced her to have sex with him when she was 16 years old.


Feds: Lawrence Taylor admitted paying for sex

Disgraced gridiron great Lawrence Taylor admitted paying for sex at a suburban Holiday Inn where police say he raped a 16-year-old runaway, federal prosecutors said Friday in a criminal complaint against the girl's alleged pimp....


Polanski must appear in US court

Film director Roman Polanski has lost his bid to be sentenced in a US court without having to return to the country.


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