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Analyst: 60-inch Apple iTV to launch this year

Apple iTV - AP

It's no secret that Apple wants to get into the living room by making its own TV set, and there have been plenty of rumors and reports about how and when it's going to happen. Now, an analyst says he's learned that the set will go on sale late this year, for $1,500 to $2,500.


Vizio: Nearly 90% of Connected TVs Sold Over Black Friday Already Streaming Content


If you’ve shopped for a TV in the past couple of years, chances are you’ve heard of Vizio. After all, the company, a decade old this year, has been holding its own in the US TV market against global giants like Samsung and Sony while at the same time expanding into new products like PCs and tablets. Impressive no doubt, even more so considering the company does all this with just 400 employees. At $3 billion in annual revenue, this translates to about $7.5 million per head, a number that’s over ten times that of Sony. That’s an amazing degree of productivity, especially for a company that has in no way taken the easy path of shipping me-too boxes, but instead has been one of the most progressive in adopting new technologies for the TV market such as new interfaces and smart TV.


How Long Until Every Display is a Touch Screen?

Most televisions and all MacBooks still lack a touch screen. When will this change? When will all displays be converted to touch screens? It could take some time. While the PC industry has embraced Windows 8 with a wide variety of touch screen devices (including laptops and desktops), some manufacturers are reluctant to enter the realm.


Samsung sees profit on TV sales

Samsung reports strong profits in the fourth-quarter of 2009 thanks to increased sales of flat screen televisions and mobile phones.


Porn Company Argues in Favor of 3D Television

The pornography industry -- notorious for helping new technologies access the home -- is embracing 3D mania stoked by stunning new television sets and the blockbuster film "Avatar."


TV Apps Take a Cue From iPhone

A longtime quest to bring the Internet to the living room has entered a new phase, borrowing a page from Apple and its iPhone.


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