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Typewriters experience a comeback


New York typewriter sellers said the low-tech machines are experiencing a comeback among writers who like to avoid distractions. Paul Schweitzer, 73, whose Gramercy Typewriter Co. was founded by his father Abraham in 1932, said he started working on laser printers when typewriters fell out of fashion in the 1990s, but he has lately had many customers bringing in old typewriters to be restored, the New York Daily News reported Monday. "They have their computers, they have their blackberries or iPads or whatever it is, but they still would like to have a typewriter.


Are white pages on their way out?

Are white pages on their way out?

Score another one for the digital revolution. The phone book - or at least the residential white pages - is going the way of the rotary telephone and the phone booth. Not to mention vinyl records, typewriters and tape recorders.


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