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Windows RT Tablet Prices and Release Dates Inferred

Microsoft Surface

Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) hints at Windows RT tablet prices and their release dates. Another one of Redmond's mammoth blog posts is getting the reading-between-the-lines-analysis treatment today, as the company announces more details of Windows 8-on-ARM PCs.


We Can Finally Run Office and Photoshop on a Tablet with Microsoft's Surface

Microsoft Surface

Yesterday, Microsoft showed off their tablet computer Surface. According to the New York Times, it “has the same weight and thickness as an iPad, with a 10.6-inch screen.” According to PC Magazine, it weighs 1.49 pounds, which is about the same as Apple’s iPad. However, it still feels bulky.


Microsoft's Surface: Reactions

As Microsoft announces a new tablet, technology experts offer their first impressions of the device, as well as insights into what the product could mean for Microsoft and its rivals. The BBC has compiled a round-up of what some of them are saying.


'Major' Microsoft announcement

Microsoft is expected to make a "major" announcement Monday. Speculation about the Los Angeles media event is that the company plans to unveil either a tablet computer or a system that uses an upcoming version of Windows to help people access TV shows and movies across a range of devices.


Nokia Says Windows 8 Tablet Coming June 2012

Nokia Says Windows 8 Tablet Coming June 2012

Oops! Nokia will launch a Windows 8-based tablet in June 2012, according to Paul Amsellen, the company’s general manager in France. He disclosed the tidbit in an interview with Les Echos; The Verge picked up on the news.


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