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Hagel swears in as defense chief after bruising confirmation battle

Chuck Hagel

Decorated Vietnam veteran Chuck Hagel was sworn in as U.S. defense secretary on Wednesday after a bruising Senate confirmation battle, and promised to renew old U.S. alliances and forge new ones without attempting to "dictate" to the world.


Senate Ends Hagel Filibuster, Clearing Path for Confirmation

Chuck Hagel

With a 71-to-27 vote, the Senate has cleared the way for Chuck Hagel’s confirmation as defense secretary, despite complaints from Republicans about his readiness for the job.


Senate GOP blocks Hagel vote for now

Chuck Hagel

Republicans have, for now, blocked Chuck Hagel's nomination to become defense secretary.


US Defense Secretary nominee Hagel passes Senate panel

Chuck Hagel

A US Senate panel has approved Chuck Hagel as President Barack Obama's new Secretary of Defense. The move sets the stage for his confirmation in front of the full Senate, possibly this week. The Senate Armed Services Committee Thursday voted 14-11 along party lines, advancing the former Republican Senator from Nebraska's confirmation to take over from Leon Panetta as the head of the Defense department.


Democrats confident they have votes to confirm Hagel

Chuck Hagel, President Obama's choice to lead the Pentagon, has enough Senate votes committed to him to overcome a filibuster and secure the nomination, according to Sen. Carl Levin and an administration source working on the issue.


McConnell: Senate GOP could filibuster Hagel

Mitch McConnell

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Saturday that there's a chance Republicans will filibuster former Nebraska senator Chuck Hagel's nomination as secretary of defense. "Sen. Hagel did not do a very good job before the Armed Services committee," McConnell said. "I think the opposition to him is intensifying. Whether that means he will end up having to achieve 60 votes or 51 is not clear yet." McConnell did not say how he planned to vote.


The Caucus: Anti-Hagel Groups Emboldened After Confirmation Hearing

The sense that Chuck Hagel performed poorly in his confirmation hearing has buoyed the outside groups that have been working to defeat his nomination, many of them financed by donors who refuse to identify themselves (and are not legally compelled to do so).


White House says expects Hagel to be confirmed by Senate despite rocky hearing

Chuck Hagel

White House spokesman Jay Carney said on Friday he believes former Republican Senator Chuck Hagel, who had a rocky confirmation hearing on Thursday, will be confirmed by the Senate as U.S. defense secretary.


Hagel counters critics as confirmation hearing begins

Chuck Hagel

Making his first public comments after his nomination to lead the Pentagon, former Sen. Chuck Hagel said he stood by his record but also urged senators to look beyond controversial votes and statements he made that critics have seized on.


Obama Expected to Select Hagel for Defense Post

Barack Obama

The nomination of Chuck Hagel, which could come as early as Monday, is already encountering opposition because of his stand on Israel and his comments about an ambassador who was gay.


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