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U.S. moves to protect Guam amid 'clear danger' from North Korea

Missile Defense - LA Times

The Pentagon said Wednesday that it was sending a mobile missile defense system to Guam as a "precautionary move," as Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said North Korea posed a "real and clear danger" to the U.S. military base on the western Pacific island, as well as to allies and other U.S. territory.


Source: $200M to block N. Korea threat

Kim Jong Un - CNN

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is expected to announce Friday afternoon that the Pentagon will enhance the nation's ability to defend itself from a nuclear attack by North Korea, a U.S. defense official told CNN.


Panetta: N. Korea leader Kim Jong Un still a mystery

Whether North Korea's new leader will follow the dangerous path of his father is unclear, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta said, despite worrying behavior by the reclusive state during Kim Jong Un's first year in power.


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