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France Approves Same-Sex Marriage

Same-Sex Marriage - NY Times

The passage of the “marriage for all” law came after months of sometimes angry debate and a series of major protests.


Attack on church over gay rights

Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie attacks senior figures in the Catholic church over gay marriage. Mr Rennie criticised threats by church leaders to invoke a block vote against proposals to allow same-sex couples to marry in a religious ceremony.


David Norris, Front-Runner In Irish Presidential Race, Quits Over Rape Scandal

DUBLIN, Aug 2 (Reuters) - A gay senator who was the front-runner to win Ireland's figurehead presidency quit the race on Tuesday after admitting he used his office to plead for clemency for a friend convicted of having sex with a minor.


Straight British couple seeks 'gay' partnership

Straight British couple seeks 'gay' partnership

Tom Freeman and Katherine Doyle are in love and want to tie the knot - but they don't want to get married. The 26-year-old Londoners think they should be allowed to have a civil partnership, a form of legal union available in Britain only to same-sex couples.


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