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Herschel captures a 'cosmic horse'

Horsehead Nebula - BBC

Europe's Herschel space telescope has imaged one of the most popular subjects in the sky - the Horsehead Nebula - and its environs. The distinctively shaped molecular gas cloud is sited some 1,300 light-years from Earth in the Constellation Orion.


Space tourism jet work continues

The European project to develop a space plane to take fare-paying passengers above the atmosphere is still very much alive, says EADS Astrium.


Scientists: UV rays make water in space

European scientists say they've figured out the recipe for water in space: Just add starlight.


Probe sends detailed asteroid images

Probe sends detailed asteroid images

A European space probe headed toward its next target Sunday after sending back detailed images of an asteroid that scientists hope will increase understanding of how the solar system evolved.


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