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Michael Jackson's siblings resume attack on will

More than three years after Michael Jackson's death, his youngest brother continues to raise questions about the validity of the pop superstar's will. On Twitter and cable TV, Randy Jackson has called the five-page document signed in 2002 a fake. The one place he hasn't made the claims is a courtroom, where legal experts say he faces almost insurmountable hurdles to invalidate the will and stiff odds against ousting the men who run the lucrative estate.

Senh: Randy Jackson's the brother who needs the money. I don't see anything wrong with Michael Jackson's money going to his mother and three children.


Michael Jackson's mom seeks control of estate

Michael Jackson's mom seeks control of estate

Katherine Jackson's legal battle for some control of her son's estate returns to court Monday in front of the same judge who is expected to award her permanent guardianship of Michael Jackson's children.


Jackson’s Mother Removed as Administrator of Estate

A judge named two men listed as co-executors in Michael Jackson’s 2002 will as special administrators of the singer’s estate.


Report: Michael Jackson's 2002 Will Leaves Estate To Mother, Children & Charity

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- Michael Jackson's will, reportedly drafted in 2002, is said to divide his assets between his mother, three children and one or more charities.

According to The Wall Street Journal, several sources close with the pop star said a lawyer for Jackson could submit the will - which is thought to be his last - to Los Angeles Superior Court on Thursday.


Jackson’s mom gets temporary custody of kids

Michael Jackson’s mother, having won temporary guardianship of her late son’s three children, is now attempting to take control of the “King of Pop’s” estate.


Jackson Estate Has Piles of Assets but Loads of Debt

Jackson Estate Has Piles of Assets but Loads of Debt

Michael Jackson’s business life, like his public life, was a perplexing mass of contradictions, and his personal finances, at least in recent years, were perpetually in tatters.


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