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HBO and Cinemax come to Google Fiber, cable companies shaking in their boots

Google Fiber - Engadget

Google Fiber has a lot going for it, both as an ISP and a pay-TV platform. There was was one gaping hole in the service though: no HBO. Lets be honest with ourselves, its the big geeks that are looking to hop on that 1Gbps service first. And what do geeks love almost as much as blazing-fast Google-branded internet? Game of Thrones. Now Kansas City (and soon Austin) based nerds will be able to watch Joffrey become an even bigger monster live, rather than wait for some torrent site to get an illegal copy of it up (or, if they're smart, mooch off of someone's HBO GO account). Alongside HBO, Google Fiber has also added Cinemax: Home Box Office's less cool sibling. The branded families of channels are both available today for $20 a month or $10 a month respectively. Or, if you're a real premium TV fan, you can get both, plus STARZ and Showtime for $40 a month. Hit up the source for a few more details.


Logitech Revue Unboxing: Google TV Era Begins

Two weeks after the Logitech Revue unveiling, PCMag finally has a review unit for the Google TV-based box. Before we put the system through testing with our DISH Network set-up in the PCMag Labs, we thought you might like to see some unboxing photos of the new product.


Google TV Announces Its Programming Partners

Google has been in talks with the major TV networks and the major cable and satellite distributors, but it announced only a few concrete partnerships on Monday.


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